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May 09, 2014
second question
by: olese

Ok thanks for the answer… so what other martial arts have the same foot work as kendo??

Kendo-Guide.Com: I don't know. I think it is very unique to kendo.

Apr 26, 2014
Learning Kobudo first and then kendo?
by: Olese

Big fan of your site… I have a question: How different are Kobudo sword techniques with the ones from kendo? If I learn kobudo first will it easier to learn kendo?

Thanks sensei

Take care

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your question and kind words. You should know kendo and kobudo are very different. Of course, many things are the same because kendo is derived from samurai swordsmanship. But kendo became independent and took its own course.

Kendo has its own rules and you probably find it “restricted from kobudo techniques”. But of course, you can use many techniques from kobudo but since kendo has very unique footwork, you will find it difficult to apply techniques from kobudo.

But you surely can benefit from both because you really need to train in full contact to understand how the techniques work and how to control you mind.

And the answer to question: I have seen many people came from other martial arts to kendo. Of course there are many people who became high grade holders. Most of the people I have seen have struggled to learn kendo.

So I would say, learn kendo first and once you get used to the movements, you should start doing other martial arts.

If you priotize kobudo, then you should do kobudo first.

Apr 11, 2014
Experience + Good Instincts
by: Tanno

The trick for this is experience and good instincts. The good instincts will help you the most to be more eye-sighted towards the opponent, because they will help you watch every movement of your opponent, and who knows you might see it in slow-motion.

It needs some time and more experience against some of the most experienced kenshis. A good ji-geiko will help you out. Imagine it as a life VS death situation, and you will see the results by yourself.

The true meaning of kendo, IMO, is the battle against your inner self. If you defeat your inner self, then you can defeat everybody around you, whether you want some medals or fame or not.

It's up to you.

Good luck. :)

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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