How can I see my opponent coming?

by Stefan Watson
(Albuquerque, NM USA)

I began studying Kendo after a serious bout with cancer. During a year of Chemo, I dreamed of Kendo image, I survived and began to look around to study with different schools or clubs. After studying for a year with the 1st I was asked to leave (due to my age) and very slow progress. I changed schools and rejoined a smaller club and progressed better due to better teaching. Then the Pandemic arrived, and we closed clubs due to the Covid. When the school reopened the teacher refused to take on slower developing students (age again).

Those are the only clubs in the state. Should I open my own club?

Kendo is just a sport and great for exercise, I'm 67 not going to compete in tournaments. Are they a bit too serious here??


Answer: Stefan, sorry to hear that. They don’t teach any slower developing students at all? They must be have only younger students then. I never heard anything like that before. I am really sorry. I don’t know what to say.

If you found a new dojo, you will have to teach or you need someone to teach. That is something you should think about.

I am starting a zoom lesson on 1/17/2022 (tomorrow actually). If you cannot come to the live session, we have a reply so sign up at Kendo For Life Live Lesson.

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