How can I prepare to the tournament

by Olga

If I have a half of month before the tournament is there a way to prepare during this 2 weeks? It is a short period so I won't be able to learn something new.

But what kinds of trainings are more preferable for this time? Is it better to train as usual or maybe only train my best techniques I am going to use at tournament or to train speed or anything special?

It's hard to define clearly. The main point is how to use the last short period before the tournament to prepare to the tournament.

Kendo-Guide.Com: If you have only two weeks before shiai, you probably want to add shiai practice in your normal training session.

You need a period of time to train physically hard before a tournament. Usually you have to train physically really hard about four months before the shiai. Three months before shiai as well you probably want to train hard.

Two months before training, start polishing up your techniques. Don't learn anything new just polish up what you're good at. You still want to train a little hard. You do not want to stop hard training all of a sudden.

And also start shiai practice. You don't have to do shiai practice in all the training. Maybe once a week.

One month before shiai, you shouldn't do anything hard. You don't want to get hurt. But because shiai is so close people get excited and try to do more or harder. It's not the time for hard training anymore.

You should rest your body and recover from the hard training you had in the past three months.

You should rest your body but your mind should be very sharp. You should be concentrating and focused.

So for you now, increase your kiai level. Concentrate more and focus. Train as if you are right in the middle of shiai. Even in the basics. Have a lot of kiai and then focus. As soon as motodachi opens up, for example men, you should shrike just like shiai only big because it's the basics.

Don't forget to do shiai practice.

Hope this helps.

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