How can I know if my mokuso respiration is good?

by Luca Forassiepi
(Lucca, Italy)

Good evening Sensei,

I am Italian, and cause to the too much expensive dojos in my area, I can't practice kendo in a gym, but thanking you, I can begin my passion.

I am at the very beginning of your training session, and I would like to know how I can know if my mokuso respiration is correct. In my case, I feel a lot of air entering up to my belly, but not under, like you have said in the explanation.

This mass of air also make noise in my stomach:), is it good? And during the respiration is it normal that the lowest part of the back, goes forward in pair with the belly? I say thank you now for listening me, and sorry for my terrible English!

With respect,


Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your post and I am sorry for the delay of my reply.

It is very hard to tell you how to know if you are doing mokuso in a right way or not.

But please keep your posture straight. Imagine that there is a balloon in your stomach and as you breathe in the balloon gets bigger. But only your stomach moves. Your shoulders don't move. Neither does your back.

Do it very slowly and make sure you are relaxed.

Hope this helps and again I am very sorry for the delay of my reply.

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