How can I improve my Kendo in an area where Kendo is not very popular?

by Simion

I live in an area of the US where kendo is fairly well known and there is a large Japanese community so I am able to practice with strong Kendoka. In the future, my work may require me to locate to countries where Kendo is even less practiced, and I am worried that even though I may try to continue my practice, I will build up bad habits and my kendo will get worse. How can I prevent this from happening and also continue to build strong and beautiful kendo?

Answer: Thanks for your question. Your question looks familiar. Did you ask me already at somewhere?

As long as you want to build strong and beautiful kendo, you should be able to. It sounds like you think other people will give you bad habits. If you don’t copy them you won’t develop bad habits.

Bad habits are developed because you change your behavior. Most of people lose their basics because they want to hit a target so bad. They start stretching their arms too far and their chin comes up so they can reach their target. They start breaking their posture because they don’t want to get hit.

These are the reasons. It’s s not because their sensei forced to change their kendo. It is because of what they want and don’t want.

My advice is to stick to what you learned and don’t worry about losing a good kendo. If you do a good kendo, they will tell you that you have a good kendo. They want to follow your kendo.

Hope this helps.

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