How can I get back in shape?

by Jeong

I came back to my dōjō for the first time after a few weeks. I could barely beat the people who I fought in shiai  (people I could beat a long time ago).  I think there is a problem with my form and also I kind of hesitated more than usual.

Is there a way to get back into shape for kendo (in form and stuff and also for the ranking test I have for October 25th) quickly?

Answer: Simple. Train more. I am sure that you are back in shape by now. You do not want to think about “beating” your opponent, especially in the promotion test (ranking test).

I have experience as one of the judges in many promotion tests and I can tell you “being able to score many points” is not everything. It only takes a part.

  • Kiai,

  • posture,

  • the process before striking and

  • zanshin after striking.

Those are what I am looking for.
If you are going for a kyu grade, all I look for is the good basics and kiai.

If you are not able to beat your kendo mates anymore, I think it is because they got better too. Do not try to beat others, try to learn from them. You will get over many obstacles in that way.

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