How can I build my stamina and last longer when I'm sparring?

Our training sessions are 2 hours long and quite intense, and the problem I'm having is that it's hard to last till the end when I'm sparring as I'm usually completely burnt out and can barely move yet alone breathe. I am 16 years old, 181 cm tall, and I weigh about 78 kg. How can I build my stamina and last longer when I'm sparring?

Answer: Thanks for your question. That is a good question! Now there was a same kind of question before at How to increase my stamina for kendo?.

Having said that, what I always tell my students is that you don't need to last the whole training session. If you are done after the first kirikaeshi, then you are good. Then you rest a bit to get your heartbeat under control and get back into the training.

By doing that, your stamina will increase. It is a very tough process it is not only because it is like continuous HIIT but also you keep asking yourself if it is your limit or not. "Am I resting because I have hit the limit, or I just doesn't want to keep going?"

When that thought comes in, I think you are not doing your very best. Focus on each cut you execute and put everything in it. I don't mean to hit your opponent hard by "put everything in in". Have a lot of kiai and keep going at it.

Hope this helps!

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