by Martin Bauer
(Germany, Frankfurt)

Hello Hiro,

I spent one week with a Japanese Zen master in a retreat in Germany. There we did Zen meditation, Hojo and Hitsuzendo.

Could you please share what the difference between Hojo and Kendo is?

Many thanks


Martin Bauer

Answer: Thank you for your question. Can you tell me more about hojo? Is it hōjō as in hōjō no kata in Jikishinkage-ryu? If that is something zen monks do, I do not know about it.

If hojo is kata as in Hōjō no Kata in Jikishinkage-Ryū then that is a classical style before kendō is invented. Kendō was a part of kenjutsu training.

That is the main difference. And kendō has 4 fixed targets to strike whereas classic styles have more.

We can list all kinds of differences but the main purpose is the same:

Train ourselves physically and mentally so we can better ourselves as human beings.

Hope this helps.

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