Hitting Men

by ninjaboy

When I strike a men, my feet move forward faster than my hands. How can I move both together at the same time? I have been learning kendo for a year.

Kendo-Guide.Com: This is a common problem. Here are some causes of your problems and solution for them.

1. Your stride is too small.

Take a big step forwards. Step forward as if you were stepping on the right foot of your training partner. If your stride is too small, there is a strong possibility for your right foot land before you strike a men.

2. Your strike is too big.

If you lift your hands too much as you can hit your butts with your shinai, it delays your strike.

3. You are too tense.

Don’t think too much. Just strike a men as you learned in the basics. You do not have to make your strikes faster or stronger at this stage. You have been kendo only for one year. No need to hurry.

4. You are too far from your motodachi.

Check your distance. It may be too far for you. Issoku itto no ma is usually a bit too much for beginners. You can get a bit closer until you feel comfortable with the distance.

5. Check your kamae.

This is also related to your distance. If you stick your arms forwards when you take chudan, that makes the distance between you and your motodachi a bit far.

If this is the case, you have to bring your arms closer to your body. Your left hand should be about a fist away from your body.

Hope these help.

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