Height, weight and body stance

by John

Hello, Imafuji-sensei!

I am tall (about 190cm) and very slim (about 74kg). My body stance is not so good, as I tend to hunch a lot and my shoulders are pumping forward. Also, my arms and hands are very slim, which I do not like.

First of all, does height matter in kendo? I mean, will there be any pros or cons from being very tall? Also, does body stance matter?

Moreover, can kendo training help me in:

a. Gaining some weight?

b. Obtain a proper body stance?

c. Strengthen my arms?

Thanks in advance Imafuji-sensei.

Answer: Hello!! Thank you for your question. The height does not matter. And of course there are pros and cons.

If you are tall, you tend to have limbs. That means you can strike from a far distance. That means you can reach your opponent but your opponent cannot reach you. Also if you are tall, it is hard for them to strike your men or tsuki. I think it is easy to see why.

But then you can be vulnerable to kote strike and do strike. Once your opponent find a way to break through your distance and get into their own distance, then you won’t be able to do anything (theoretically).

Now the next questions.

a. Gaining some weight?: Kendo is still exercise so it will help you to develop muscles but I do not think you can gain a lot of weight. You need to consult your doctor or physical trainer at your gym if you go to one. I should not give you advice on this since I am not an expert.

b. Obtain a proper body stance?: I think you mean proper posture. Yes, kendo can help you to have a good posture.

c. Strengthen my arms?: Yes. Especially forearms. If you are looking at huge biceps then you need to do some weight training, I think. Again, please consult your doctor or physical trainer.

Hope this helps.

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