Head Concussions related to Kendo Practice

by Rick Abrams
(Tucson, AZ)

Hi Sensei:

Rick Abrams here in Tucson.

As you may be aware; there has been significant controversy within the NFL (Football League) relative to brain issues related to heavy contact.

To your knowledge; have there been issues related to blunt force head (Men) contact over the years with Kendo?

Thanks in advance for your response.



Answer: Thank you for your question. I do not personally know any blunt force injuries to the head in kendō.

I think it is because once we become advanced we do not hit very hard. It is sharp but not hard like someone hitting you in your head with a baseball bat. Well, there are all ways some people who strike that but usually that is not how we strike.

However, we do have to be careful with falling from the back of the head. If you go to this page at All Japan Kendo Federation, you can see those photos.

It is true we have no protection at the back of the head so it is very dangerous if you fall backward and hit the back of the head.

But the article also talks about the cervical spine injury and cervical cord damage. So if you fall like that and you feel pains in your neck, pins and needles or numbness in your hands and you just don’t feel right, then you should go and see a doctor.

Hope this helps.

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