by Olga

Can you please tell us about Hantei? What is it exactly, and when is it used?

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for your post. Hantei is a decision made by each referee on which competitor should win a match.

In individual matches, we apply enchō (extension) when no one wins within the shiai duration (3, 5 or 10 minutes; varies
depending on the tournament rules).

Sometimes some tournament rules apply hantei instead of enchō. I am not sure if there are rules about when we should applyhantei but I think it is all up to those who are in charge of the tournament.

Hantei of each referee is subjective even though there are certain points they are looking at. For example, you should be proactive rather than reactive.

But in ken, we have go-no-sen. So it is not that easy to say one is not very proactive because they are trying to execute ōji-waza.

Referees look at every little thing that is going on during the fight and decide which one should win. It is not easy, really.

Hope this helps.

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