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I was wondering on how I will know if my local dojo's sensei is reliable. I know the school is affiliated with the Kendo international Federation. The sensei is a third or second dan.... and according to what he has told me they get senseis from different parts of the country to give classes.

Does that sound like a real and reliable sensei??? Should I ask if his dan cerificate came from the capital itself or Tokyo.... If it came from the capital would the dojo still be reliable???

Thanks for your time

Answer: Thank you for your question and kind words.

First of all, not all the dojo outside Japan have instructors with high rank. The important thing is that the instructors humbly and thoroughly teach you the basics and teachings of kendo.

And also if the dojo will have instructors from different parts of your country, then it is very good. I am sure that there will be joint practice in your regional federation so you should attend those training.

You do not have to ask for certificate. Just make sure that the club is affiliated to the legitimate regional federation of the country that is affiliated to International Kendo Federation.

And I must say that not all the certificates are issued by International Kendo Federation. But they are issued by the federation of the country. I have certificates issued by All Japan Kendo Federation, New Zealand Kendo Federation and All US Kendo Federation. And these federations are affiliated to International Kendo Federation. That is important.

Hope this helps.

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