Glasses for training...yes or no?

by Juan Pablo

Don't Gaze at one Leaf

Don't Gaze at one Leaf

I have a small question. In my everyday life I wear glasses, for reading, driving, working.

I never tried wearing my glasses for keiko, I'm not sure if they would be any help or maybe on the contrary, they would become a source of problems.

Also, as we are told to focus on our opponents face, even try to look in their eyes instead of the target we want to hit. Maybe it's even better not to see 100% clearly, but rely more on peripheral vision.

Do you have any insight about this?


Answer: Thank you for your question! It is very interesting, Juan! I wear glasses usually but not when I do kendo. I wear contact lenses. And I have never done kendo without my contact lenses, I do not have an answer to your question.

Even though I can see my opponent clearly with my contact lenses on, I don’t really see my opponent’s eyes. I should say, I don’t gaze at them but try to see all the background behind my opponent. And I think I am looks around my opponent throat.

Have you heard of a saying, Enzan no Metsuke? That is how you should see your opponent. And I was told, “Look at the forest, not a tree. Look at a tree, not a leaf.”

You can probably figure out how you should see your opponent from these wisdom.

Hope this helps!

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