"Fumikumi", chudan no kamae and other terms

by Wong

I have collected a few questions and I wish to ask all of them in one go, if that is acceptable.

1. Besides "fumikomi", is the term "fumikumi" acceptable? I see both of them online and it's confusing!

2. A Chinese page sparked my interest, as I have the same problem. For fumikomi men, do we:

- lift shinai, attack + fumikomi ; OR

- lift shinai + lift leg, attack + stomp ground ?

3. Chudan no kamae question: All my senpai came up with different things about the posture. Do we lift shinai up to neck level, or point it to the opponent's throat? (I've prepared a simple picture for better illustration)

4. If possible, could you please update the site someday, to include kanji for each Japanese term? :) Just a suggestion, if possible...

Thank you really much! I hope I did not ask some silly questions! :)

Answer: Thank you for your post. You did not ask any silly questions ;)

1. I have never heard of the word, "fumikumi". I googled it but there was no such word. You meant, “fumikiri”?

2. This is what I learned.

a. As you lift your sword up your right foot goes up

b. As your shinai hit a target, the right foot lands

3. My understanding is this.

a. The extension of our shinai should be pointing at the throat. However, in shinai kendō, it is much lower. This is because it supposedly gives more pressure to our opponent. So it is the first illustration.

4. You want kanji for all the terms? OK! I cannot promise when but probably gradually I will. But don’t expect it happen soon!

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