Full Contact in Kendo

by QiongDa
(Michigan, U.S.A.)

I have been doing kendo for about 8 months now (so I am a very new beginner), but I also practice regular weightlifting and would like to use my size and power to my advantage in kendo.

I have been learning recently that it is permissible in kendo to make chest to chest/belly to belly hits on one's opponent to drive them back and position yourself well for a strike (as well as 'kill their technique' and 'kill their ki').

I have, however, never seen a video or any kind of online guidance about properly and effectively using 'full contact' kendo.

I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe even ask that you make a video about this topic if you have time.

Thank you!

Answer: Thank you for your question. We call it taiatari. It is a legitimate technique. If you look at this video at around 0.06, you know what taiatari is.

This taiatari is probably an ideal taiatari. He is not pushing his opponent but using his momentum and execute the taiatari in the way we are supposed to.

If you intentionally put your hands on your opponent’s neck and push him/her back, then it is very dangerous. You might hurt your opponent very badly. That is not our goal.

Some people keep pushing their opponent like the sumo wrestling then it is not a taiatari anymore. You should learn how to handle the tsubazeri-ai.

Now the important part is you use the taiatari so you can strike your opponent. The taiatari should not be your goal. It is only a part of your plan to execute your strike on your opponent.

If you learn how to execute the taiatari properly and execute a strike on your opponent, you can take a great advantage of your size and power.

Hope this helps!

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