Footwork When Receiving Kirikaeshi

by Satoru

I'm wondering if I could do okuri ashi in kirikaeshi when I’m motodachi.

If not, and if I must do ayumi ashi, is there a method for walk?
I mean, move back the left foot when I block to the left and right foot when I block to the right? And the same when I move forward?

I always do okuri ashi, but I don't know if it's ok for a shoran exam...

Answer: When I was a beginner (7-8 years old), I did okuri-ashi when receiving kirikaeshi. As the time passes, we did ayumi-ashi.

I personally do not want beginners to perform ayu-miashi when receiving kirikaeshi because they just start getting okuri-ashi right. I do not want them mess with the basic footwork.

It is not what right or wrong issue. But some people want you to do certain things. So if your sensei or federation want you to do ayumi-ashi as motodachi, then you should do it.

You are right about ayumi-ashi footwork when receiving kirikaeshi. The left foot backwards when receiving the left men and the right foot backwards when receiving the right men.

Make sure to slide/glide when you perform ayumi-ashi.

Good luck on your sho-dan exam!

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