flat foot can affect my training ?

by Hala hindawi
(UK )

I have started my training for the first time in the last week.

I have always suffered from dropped arches (flatfoot) also I have fractured my left foot 6 years ago, with all these info about my foot what is the best advice from your side to make my experience as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you

Hala :)

Answer: Thank you for your question and sorry for the delay of my reply, Hala. I myself don’t really have excellent arches, both feet. Does your left foot hurt when you move with the kendo stance? If it hurts, you should talk to your sensei and if your sensei comes up with some options that you can choose.

You might experience some pains in your feet and calf muscles because of the flatfeet. But that is more medical issue, so you probably talk to your doctor about it and find a good way to deal with your feet.

I used to hesitate to go and see a doctor because it cost me more than US$100 just to visit them. Now I have good insurance, so it won’t cost much for me to visit them but now I don’t have much time!!! Not sure about the insurance system in the UK so if it doesn’t cost much to see your doctor, ask him/her for some advice.

Since I don’t have good arches, I do pay attention to how I walk and how I stand. With the weak arches, the Achilles tendons curve in. Probably it will put pressure on the Achilles tendons. And probably it will affect other muscles too. Eventually, you might have a backache.

But I am talking through my experiences and knowledge from reading articles and books, please consult with someone with a proper medical background.

Then I can probably give you kendo advice. 👍

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