Dojo Trouble and Advice for Newbies

by Katie M.

So I've been wanting to learn kendo for a while now. I found a dojo that I really like and even got to do a trial lesson there (I loved it ^-^.)

The only problem is that the dojo (Koryo Traditional Martial Arts Center in Richmond VA) is over an hour away from where I live. I was wondering if you knew of any dojo that might not be listed on your site that offers kendo lessons in Richmond or Fredricksburg?

My parents said I may be able to go to Koryo once I can drive myself (about a year.) Do you know of any exercises that would help me get ready to start kendo? I'm a novice so any advice would be helpful ^-^

Answer: Thank you for your question. Try to find a dojo here. You might have been there and if you have, you should contact the SEUSKF or the GNEUSKF. They might have information that is not listed on the Internet.

About exercises: For now, you can go through Kendo Guide Videos For Beginners. The most important thing is to follow the instructions word for word. And watch carefully and try to emulate.

Hope this helps.

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