Dojo plan

by Olga

I'd like to ask you to draw a "standard" dōjō  plan with pointing its areas. (Or maybe to give a link where such dojo plan is shown.) 
And here are points to mark in the plan:


Also please explain every of those terms.

Please correct me if I wrote something wrong and if there can be some other place in the dojo please add that to your answer as well.

Thank you!

Kendo-Guide.Com: There is detailed explanation in p.19 – 21 of Kendo Guidefor Beginners but I just show you how it should be done.

dojo position

Basic rules: The lower grade holders sit near the main entrance and the higher grade holders sit away from the main entrance. This positioning is to protect the highest person in the place. This is how ancient warriors used to sit and it is also used in the current Japanese society too.

1) Shōmen: Front

2) Joseki: It also means the upper position but we use kamiza.  It is also a special term for theatre. It means "a theatre where always has their shows".

3) Shimoseki: I do not think we use this in kendo.  It basically means the end of month (21st to 30th) and is a theatre term.

4) Shimoza: Lower place

5) Kamiza: Higher place

6) Shinden: temple/shrine (it is a holy place where the Holy Spirit is enshrined.

7) Kamidana: a little shrine to hang up on the wall.

8) Shinzen: Before God (it is also a name of place where god is enshrined).

Where did you learn the terms? I had never heard of joseki and shimoseki until you mentioned, so looked them up. But it does not mean people do not know about those words. It could be only me who never heard them before.

Hope this helps.

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