Does kendo sound like a good sport for me?

by America Degeer
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Ohaiyou sensei, I am a 16 year old girl; and pretty short too. However I have a big interest in Japanese culture and martial arts.

I have been doing karate since I was 5 but now my dojo was closed, I am looking for something new to do. I have always thought that the art of sword fighting was very majestic and always intrigued me; however I am a bit shy and don't know of any kendo dojo'a in the Oro Valley, Arizona area.

I do know that when I get out of college I want to get a visa to be able to study in Japan; and kendo is one of the subjects within the category. So please help me understand if I'd be a good fit for the art.

Answer: Thank you for your question.

I do not know if kendo is good for you or you are good for kendo. Are you keen enough to learn kendo and do it at least for 5 years to figure out if it is for you or not.

Kendo is very unique and it is hard for people to tell if you are good to kendo or not. Everyone can learn kendo and improve. But very few have guts or are patient enough to stick around to find out if kendo is good to them or they are good to kendo.

Kendo is something that takes life time to even know what it is. So question is

Are you serious enough to do it?

I am sure you will enjoy kendo because you like Japanese culture. Kendo has a lot of it!

By the way, you should always contact local kendo place, Tucson Kendo Kai, because they might know more about local kendo situation.

Hope this helps.

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