Dimensions of the Kendo sword

by Nik
(Silver Spring, MD USA)

Your table shows "Size" but does not indicate what it refers to. It's not "Length" because that is shown separately.

Answer: Sorry for the late response. I was wondering which page of mine you were talking about. All I can think of is this page https://www.kendo-guide.com/kendo_stick.html

There are length and weight of shinai for different age groups.

There are more detailed regulations on shinai if you are going to attend official kendo tournaments.

If you want to know detailed specifications of shinai, the revised version of the regulation book will help. [FIK Kendo Shiai and Shinpan Regulations Japanese & English: https://zenkenren-shop.com/english/kendo-en/050101/]

Hope this helps.

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