Datotsu to Hidari kote ( left Kote )

by viany cin hiong

I have another question about the valid strike to hidari kote/ left kote.

"Hidari Kote will be valid as datotsu when the opponent out from basic chudan-no kamae (right arm near the Tsuba, left arm at the tsuka kashira)"

Please help me to understand this statement, because I am very confused. Books, websites and senseis do not give me a clear answer based on the official rules.

The reason I ask is also because I’ve done keiko with some kendoka or sensei for more specific (who is 5th Dan) and I strike his hidari kote a few times when he was out from the basic chudan-no kamae, and he seemed so confused why I am doing it.

Luckily he didn't get upset but also did not give any comments on it. He just looked confused. This made me to apologize him, (he visited my club at that time, so he was my guest. This incident made me very embarrassed about what I had done to him).

Since then I’ve been searching all over the webs, books, and senseis for the official rules about it but as I said before I didn't find any exact official rules to manage this act.
So could you please help me out with this?

Answer: As the regulation book says, you can strike hidari kote, if it is not in the normal chudan position. Whether it can be valid or not is another story.

Many people don’t think it is valid because they don’t really strike in their daily training.

Probably it is because it is hard to be seen as valid.

You can still strike the hidari kote as described in the rule book. But you also should know that there are many people who do not think it is valid.

Hope this helps.

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