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Apr 11, 2014
A dojo question
by: Mire

Sorry to bother you with a question.

How should the environment of a kendo school be like? The floors must be purely wood right? Or can they be with styrofoam like mats?


Take care

PS… Why doesn't the IKF make its international kendokas learn actual Japanese?

Answer: Ideally, wooden floor. Many people struggle with having an ideal place for kendo so as long as you do not get hurt your feet, it think it is OK. But dance floor is the best in my experience.

Why do you have to learn Japanese to do kendo? Of course, you need to learn kendo terms in Japanese so I think it is enough. If you want to learn baseball, do you have to speak English?

There are many terms in kendo that you need to have some cultural knowledge so in that sense, if you learn Japanese culture/language, it might help.

But it is a lot of work so people like me are trying to connect kendo partitions with kendo without them learning Japanese language.

Hope this helps.

Apr 06, 2014
Overcome your weakness
by: Tanno

A good way to overcome your weakness is to fight against it. If he's afraid of tsuki, then hit him with many tsukis till he gets used to it. The same goes for do, kote and men. If it's out-of-range hits (forbidden places to hit), then he needs to brace himself and get used to the pain.

To overcome your weakness is a part of a fighting spirit's will.

Take care. :)

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