Cros trainng in different martial arts

by Kazuma
(Champaign, Illinois, USA)

Hi my name is Kazuma. I’ve been practicing kendo for about 2 years now and going to take my nikyu test pretty soon. I have two questions.

First is what are the general requirements for nikyu, that I should have down before taking the examination?

Second. I have a number of friends who want to b=me to start Brazilian jiu jutsu as well. My concern is;

· Will training in a grappling art affect my kendo in anyway and
· Are there any pros and cons to training two martial arts at the same time?

I’ve heard that some pre-war kenshi recommended practicing judo along with kendo, but from what I see now people rarely cross-train unless its iaido with kendo and the such. Or like Naginata and kendo.

I do have a great interest in Brazilian jiu jutsu and want to start training but I’m hesitant and don’t want it to make my kendo suffer.

Answer: Thank you for your questions, Kazuma!

General Requirements for 2 kyu: Kyu levels are to tell you how much basics you have achieved. Focus on nice and big strikes with ki ken tai icchi followed by zanshin. Of course, you must be really loud. Of course, you must have a good posture.

Now there are no specific requirements for each kyu. 1 kyu is to show that you have acquired the basics and can perform them nice and big. If you are lacking kiai or ki ken tai icchi, you will quietly get 2 kyu if not 1 kyu.

As you progress, you need to make your kendo smoother, smaller and sharper. You’ve got to prepare yourself for 1 dan after you get 2 kyu.

Training two martial arts: It is about how well you can control your body. If you can completely differentiate the movements of each martial art well, then you will tend to do them well.

The reason I say this is that because other martial arts don’t have the stance like kendo. In kendo, we keep our left foot straight. But in other martial arts, they don’t really have to do that. If you start having your left foot facing outside like you do in other martial arts, then you will have hard time to improve your kendo.

But if you know the differences and don’t mix them up, you can train both martial arts. As you progress, I am sure that both martial arts will start helping each other.

Hope this helps!

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