Could I train myself?

by martin sampey
(mallow ireland)

Could train at home or do I have to train in dojo and how much is the face guard?

Answer: If you can go to a dojo, you should. The reason is simple.

A teacher can point out what you are doing wrong and you can improve better.

If you do not have a dojo close to where you live, I strongly suggest that you should belong to a dojo so you can visit once a month or two month. And also you will have a chance to attend a seminar that regional federation will have.

I have those videos so people do not learn some kinds of “kendo-like” sports on the Internet. If you study those videos thoroughly, you will know what the kendo movements are. But it does not mean you are doing them right.

So yes, you can STUDY kendo at home but you cannot learn it by yourself. You need someone to lead you.

How much is the face guard? We call it “men”. And the price varies. You should not purchase without instruction because you do not want to get hurt.

Hope this helps.

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