Correct footwork in kirikaeshi

by Kate
(Moline Kendo Club )

Hello Sensei. I hope you can help me clear up a question regarding kirikaeshi. I have had different people tell me different things, and even the videos online are not clear.

When you are striking moving forward, does your shinai make contact when your right (front) foot hits the ground, or your back (left) foot hits the ground?

Thank you for your time and clarification.

Answer: Thanks for your question. That is not good. People should not tell you different things on this one.

When you strike the sayu men in kirikaeshi,

1. your hands are lifted up when the right foot goes forward and

2. strike the left or right men when your back foot comes forward

Now when striking the showmen (the right middle of the forehead) with fumikomi, the contact of your shinai and the men should be when the right foot is landed.

Hope this helps!

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