Colour of Kendogi and Hakama for Kendo

by Michael
(Montreal, Canada)

I went to visit a Dojo in order to watch a Kendo practice.

I have noticed that most of their Kendogi and Hakama were black.

I have visited different Kendo equipment stores on the net and it seems the only colours available for Kendo uniforms are Navy blue and white. Is the colour black allowed for Kendo uniform?

Thanks for your answers

Answer: Thank you for your question. A short answer to that question is yes. And I must say it is not very common. And I have never seen black keikogi selling at kendo equipment shops. I have seen black hakama for kendo though. The indigo dye is the most common and white.

It should be OK but I want you to know that many other martial arts use black keikogi. So many of kendo people will think that you are using keikogi from some other martial arts.

Hope this helps.

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