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Apr 08, 2010
I Agree, Matt
by: Viany C.H

Matt, I love your saying "Half Baked Jodan and nitto won't do me a thing". This is a very good saying that I agree and love very much. Hehehhee.

But as in my experience in changing kamae, the first reason is yes to make your opponent confuse about the ma-ai.

But in my experience (again) when keiko with 5th, 6th and 7th Dan, it seem that we can't confuse them but we can make "a new kind of opening" to strike or to counter attack.

Also I felt that with different kamae in shiai and keiko we can develop our ki "faster" than when I use chudan only. But once again its only my experience and my personal opinion only.

But I strongly say that I learned the use of others kamae and nit? under a supervision and guide of an experienced ( a high rank one ) friend in kumdo.  I don't think it a good idea to try it on our own, without any advice or supervision from someone have a good experience in it.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for sharing you experience. It has to be true that you can learn how to develop ki level in different kamae (stance), because you have to use different seme and tai-sabaki (body movements).

However, as mentioned, this has to be done carefully under an experienced instructor.  

Apr 03, 2010
thank you for the answer
by: viany C.H

Thank you very much for your answers and they help me a lot.

For the team match what I meant was when we won fight the first opponent then we have to face the next one, so could we change from itto to nito then?

Yes I am 100% agree with you about learning nito and jodan, because we can have different experiences and earn a lot from chudan.

Once again thank you very much for the answers.

Kendo-Guide.Com:  You are very welcome. You can have a different kamae in a different team fight. It is the same as an individual fight.

Apr 02, 2010
No reason why not
by: Matt

There is no rule or prohibition to changing your kamae, I have seen a particularly talented kenshi that switches between migi jodan, hidari jodan, and chudan in a match seamlessly, but they also practice a koryu that does this.

 If you are trying to change your kamae to win tournaments by confusing your opponent it won?t work so well, perhaps at mudansha level. But once you start getting into the divisions where the competitors have more experience they will know how to deal with your change in kamae.

If you spend all your time splitting practice between various things, you likely won?t get very good at any of them, against someone who only practices one kamae and is very good at it, a half baked jodan or nito won?t do you any good.

Kendo-Guide.Com:  Thanks for your comment, Matt!

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