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Sep 23, 2014
You are inspirational
by: RFox MSU

The fact that you want to try is very inspirational to me. I think from your description the biggest problem you will have is that the left foot is both the plant foot and the foot that you use to push off when moving in and attacking.
While there are kamae for which you use the right foot to push off, those might make matters worse because then the left foot has to slam down on the ground pretty hard.
I hope that you can work with your medical team (rheumatologist and maybe a podiatrist) to see if there is anything that can be done to allow you to make your dream of practicing kendo come true. Perhaps orthotics can be fabricated that will help you. I knew a kenshi who, for a long time, had problems with his feet. He was able to practice by taping the orthotics he normally wore in his shoes to his feet.
As Imafuji sensei says, I think your first step is to consult with your medical team. It might be useful to bring in some video of kendo so that they know what you are working towards. When I injured by leg last year I found that bringing in video of some hard/fast (High school) kendo was very useful to my physical therapist as it helped her to understand what my goals were and how to best prepare my body to meet those goals.

Best wishes and I hope you are able to find a way forward.


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