Can I do Kendo

by Margaret Chacon

Okay so my main concern is that I'm a girl a bit stupid but most of the people I see in the classes in videos are boys. And I have heard of girl taking Kendo yet.

My other one is that I wear glasses and without them the world is really blurry from far away. I'm a bit short 5'1 but I'm willing to work hard.

I'm not athletic but I'm willing to get in shape, because it seems like something I really want to do. If you say yes, are there any extra concerns I should know about or risks?

Answer: Thank you for your question. And I am so sorry for the delay and my reply. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy with glasses or not, you are very eager to learn kendo so that qualifies you for studying kendo.

Remember that it takes a long time to learn kendo movements so please be patient. The longer you spend time on learning basics, the more possibility there will be for you to improve kendo quickly in the future.

And also remember that kendo is a full contact martial art with shinai, bamboo swords. Even though you will be protected by a set of armour, it will take time for you to get used to the pain. Yes, it hurts.

But also remember people receiving your strikes also feel pains from your strikes. Years of practice and learning how to strike and receive strikes, we know how to strike and receive properly.

This is totally a give and take relationship.

Hope this helps and you start doing kendo!

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