bowing question

by Elizabeth
(Louisville, KY)

We recently started practicing kendo at a dojo (judo/tae kwon do) with a raised mat/wooden floor area. I bow when I enter the dojo, but should I also bow every time I step on and off the raised floor/mat area?

Answer: First of all, I am so sorry that I did not reply for a long time. Usually the system tells me when there is a question but I did not receive anything form the system.

And congratulations on your new dōjō!

You know, it is very hard to tell because I cannot see exactly how it looks like. I assume that you just remove some mats so you can practice kendō. Is that the situation?

If so, you are already in the dōjō, as far as I'm concerned. So when you step into the dōjō area, you should bow.

Imagine you are training at a gym. You train in the centre of the gym, right? But you do consider the whole space as the dōjō. So when you step into that space, you bow. When you step out, you bow.

This is what I think so some people may see it differently.

Hope this helps.

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