by Luis

Recommended by: Luis

Reasons you recommend:  Great service, gear and respond fast to emails and phone calls. All authentic kendo gear from Japan. The stuff you get from them will last. Never had any problems from the company!!!

Company Information From The Company:

Address of Headquarters:
1121 Edgewater Ave Unit 20
Ridgefield, NJ 07657

Not Yet

Contact information:
Person: Daniel
Phone: 347-254-5454
Contact email address: kendo/at/
* Please change /at/ to @ when you email.

Company Strength:
We supplied kendo equipment to a lot of Dojos in Eastern Area ( New York, New Jersey ....) since 2004.

We do import a lot of products from Japan so many high level kenshi / sensei love our products ( specially hand-made bogu, kendogi & hakama,

We have couple company in Japan and We are officially US distributor of Sankei,Co Japan.

Our products are so qualified in Japan so customer love it.

We will do more launch for online business ths Year.

We also will let more people know about our company in this US Kendo Championship 2011, August.

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Dec 29, 2012
Regular customer since 2006
by: Paul

I started kendo in 2006 and have been a customer of Boguzen since. I've always received quality parts, consistent service, and honest feedback from inquiries.

Realistically, all the shops listed on this website have good equipment. There ARE differences in shinai construction, especially with cheaper shinai, in terms of how each slat is cut. That changes how each shinai feels... but for someone just starting out, it's very difficult to notice.

Aside from shinai, my most recent purchases were:

1.) A beautiful kiji do that they had on presentation at their stand at a Boston Goyokai taikai.

2.) A 1.5bu handmade kote on sale at an AEUSKF taikai.

Very satisfied with both purchases. I prefer Boguzen because of my good relationship with them. They need to update their website, though. They have a lot more equipment than what's shown on there.

If you're lucky to have kendo shops present their equipment at local tournaments, you should definitely experiment around with all of them & their equipment before purchasing anything. That makes a huge difference... and that's why I like Boguzen.

Jan 22, 2011
Boguzen service
by: Roberto

Boguzen was impressive to me not because of a smooth purchasing process, but how they treated me as a customer when issues that were out of their control began to happen.

They gave me free upgrades to the bogu that I ordered as well as free products when distributor issues arose with my order.

They constantly kept me up to date with the status of the order and did everything in their power to make sure that I was satisfied with their customer service despite the hicupps that my order experienced due to a shift to international shipping laws.

This company is outstanding not because of perfect execution of orders, but because of their above and beyond customer service when imperfections occur. I will definitely do business with them again!

Sep 17, 2012
Boguzen is not the official supplier of Sankei Co. Ltd
by: Anonymous

In response to "Took my money and no item recieved
by: Anonymous"

I have done some research for you. You ordered Osodashi Kura which is a Sankei product, however I don't believe Boguzen is an official supplier of Sankei Co. Ltd.

It seems like all their Sankei products listed on their website are copied from other Sankei's official distributors.

Sankei's official website does not list Boguzen as a distributor anywhere on their website at all.

This is probably why some people are experiencing problems with their orders. I would be careful before ordering from them.

Jun 29, 2012
Took my money and no item recieved
by: Anonymous

I ordered a Osodashi Kura on March 31st. I have not recieved this item and have no reponse from the Boguzen. I have tried to contact by e-mail, phone, and pay pal has contacted Boguzen to try and resolve this matter.

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