Bogu storage

by Mike W
(Glenview, IL USA)

One Way to Dry Bogu

One Way to Dry Bogu

Is there a way to learn how to store the Bogu equipment?

In other words, I'm borrowing it from my Sensei, before I buy my own. I'm just starting and I'm trying to learn how to put it together to store and transport.

My Sensei showed me once, but I want to work on it without having to ask again.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your message. I uploaded a photo of mine as an example of drying a bōgu. I place my tare on the dō as in the photo.

This is how to take care of your bōgu. He talks about what I did with my tare in the photo.

Now how you put it together: There are several ways.

This is one way.

Hope this helps!

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