Back problems

by Maciej Falkiewicz

I am looking for a martial art that would allow me to train with mild back pain. Would Kendo be suitable?



Answer: Thank you for your question, Maciek. Make sure you consult your own doctor if kendo is good for you or not. I am not a doctor and what I am going to tell you is from my experiences as a kendo practitioner and instructor.

I have suffered from a severe back pain since last October so it's been about 8 months without kendo practice now. And my first experience of back pains was when I was 14. Since then I have been suffering from all kinds of degrees of back pains.

Kendo is full contact martial arts. We hit each other with bamboo swords and crush into each other. Of course, not when you are a beginner but that will happen if you keep studying kendo.

Experienced kendo practitioners will notice if you have some kind of pains and they will stop training to give you a rest. But some might not. I cannot guarantee what people would do. I would stop but it doesn't mean everyone else does.

What I can tell you know is to see how it goes. At the beginning, you just learn the movements. As you proceed, you will put a set of armour on. Your back might or might not hurt from the weight of the armour.

Let's say you keep studying kendo and become advanced. Your back might hurt when you strike or crush into your opponent.

Every time your back hurts, you should figure out the problem and find ways to ease the pain. Talk to your doctor what you can do.

You might have to strengthen your muscles. You might need more flexibility. You might have to learn some other movements so you can disperse the impact on your back.

Hope this helps.

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