Attitudes in Jikeiko with Sensei

by Ray

Hi Imafuji Sensei. I have a question or I am a little confused of my attitudes in Jikeiko with my Sensei. My Sensei sometimes does not move so often but his cut is very very sharp and quick.

When I am having Jikeiko with him, I can positively receive his cut and won't dodge. If I hit him men or kote, I will make my kiai as strong as I can and quickly go through. And sometimes I try my best to have seme and try to catch a Debana Kote or Men Kaeshi Do.

However, sometimes I am not sure what should I do to show my positive attitudes in the following cases. I hope you can give me some suggestions:

1. We hit each other's men at the same time, no, I mean we attack at the same time. But after cuts, we will have collision, he seems to want me to do Hiki Waza because I can see it from my Sensei's eyes and body action (but I am not 100% for sure).

Should I do hiki waza if I can find a chance? Or after we hit each other, should I quickly go back to Issoku itto no maai and prepare for the next attack?

2.I am just shodan and I can always feel my Sensei perceived my intentions and he could hit me at first, and I use Shikake Waza more often than Oji Waza with my Sensei.

My Sensei said I am still a relatively beginner. Should I keep doing Shikake Waza again and again? Or should I change strategy to find the chance to do Oji Waza?

3. Any other suggestions that you can offer to improve a positive attitude when having jikeiko with high level sensei?

Thank you very much!

Answer: Thank you for your question! I like these kinds of questions with positive attitudes :)

1. It depends. But make sure you have an attitude of “kakaru” in jigeiko with sensei. Kakaru means “to attack”. You should keep attacking when you think there is a chance. So it is kakari-geiko with more thinking, if you will. With sensei, you must initiate your move.

So if you think you can strike hiki men, then go for it!

2. Yes. Do shikake waza. If you do not know your own distance and timing to strike, you cannot learn oji waza.

3. Kakaru keiko. And try to “steal” waza from your sensei. Your sensei must have his favourite moves so you should copy those by getting hit. By getting hit, you will learn a distance and timing.

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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