Aoi Budogu

by Adrian

Recommended by: Adrian
Reason You Recommend: Aoi is located in British Columbia, Canada.
Customer service is simply superb.

Ryoma (the contact person) is prompt with replies and answers questions thoroughly.

The University of Western Ontario highly recommends Aoi to any serious kendo practitioners due to their outstanding quality of items.

We purchase all of our uniforms for beginners from there due to their excellent price and workmanship, we have also purchased accessories.


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Jan 04, 2012
Will do business again
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend and I recently ordered 2 Kendo Gi / hakama set with 4 shinai. We got everything we asked for in a timely manner (2 weeks or so) even if we live really far from their warehouse. Everything was as described by the store. Very happy with my order

Jul 19, 2011
Great Value and Service
by: Shayan

I recently bought their 4mm kote and 2 of their standard practice shinais. I am very impressed with these products. They are very well-priced and have given me a lot of bang for my buck.
Their shipping is very quick (arrived in less than a week) and, if you live in North America, shipping is free for purchases over $100.
It is also in British Columbia, making it an even more ideal choice for Canadian kendokas.
I highly recommend this shop!

Mar 17, 2011
I love their product
by: Tamako

My Iaito (It was Instock one) arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous! A fine piece of craftsmanship, I absolutly love it!

AOI shipped out of my Iaito as the same day I placed an order. They gave me the tracking number and a message. I satisfied with my Iaito as well as their quick response. I want to do business with them again.

Dec 12, 2017
Will never buy from them again.
by: Tobius Manning

I ordered three shinai from them. One is decent but the other two are not. The one actually holds a bend whichever way you flex it, never seen anything like it.

I emailed the day after the order arrived, there has been no response yet and it has been over two weeks. I emailed again last week as well.

I tried them once but will never order from them again.

Mar 31, 2011
never buy from Aoi
by: Robert

I would never recommend them. I ordered a men from them in the beginning of Dec. I still have not received it. Every time I call them, i keep getting different dates on when it will arrive. I will never buy from them again.

Jan 21, 2011
Terrible Place to get products
by: Jim

I ordered an iaito from aoi budogu over a year ago and still haven?t gotten it. When I called them to see where my order was the first time they said they would phone back and completely forgot about me.

I spoke with their manager and it seems things have completely fell apart at this place in regards to their iaito manufacturer.

I?m not sure about their other products but buying from them has been a horrible experience. Do not buy from these guys they don?t have it together and customer service is real behind the curve.

Jun 05, 2010
by: Ono

I'm sorry, I would have to disagree with your post.

I have ordered an iaito almost a year ago and it has not arrived yet. Communication from Ryoma has stopped and I have not received a reply for 2 months.

I am very disappointed and still without an iaito. I cannot do business with a Budoguya (martial arts shop) if they are not honest.

I cannot recommend Aoi to my friends and family or at my dojo even for stock items due to their tardiness.

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