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May 03, 2017
Ai Men
by: Min Chih Wang

Thank you very much for your explanations about the instructional videos Sensei, I think I understand better about its instructions. Although these techniques are quite difficult to perform in correct ways for my level, but I will try hard to accomplish them.

So, Can we describe Ai Men the same way to describe Debana or degashira Men ? Do they share something in common ?


Kendo-Guide.Com: You're welcome!
Since different regions in Japan have the same words but they don't share different meanings, I will tell you my understandings of Ai Men.

Ai Men means both striking men. So you and your opponent are striking each other's men at the same time.

But debana-men is that you are striking your opponent's men when your opponent is just about to execute. Your opponent doesn't necessarily strike your men in this case. So your opponent might be striking your kote but you got his/her men when he/she moves. That is debana men.

So Ai men can include debana men but it is not equal.

That is my personal opinion.

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