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Jan 05, 2011
Age for Kendo
by: Tony

I am no expert so I can only comment on my personal experience.
I started Kendo at 37, I am now 40 and up to Second Dan and quite satisfied with how I have done so far.

Sometimes I have the feeling I have so so much left to learn and so little time "left", but I have talked to 20+ year-olds that have the same feeling, so there is barely any practical "advantage".

You can even do well in competitions and exams, because when you are older it's easier to understand and apply philosophical concepts because you have probably already done so in your professional or personal life.

For a teenager it's much harder and they have to re-learn it all when they approach their 30's. Maybe that is why most champions are older than your average Olympic athlete.

The only warning is that the first year is quite frustrating. You get school children bossing you around, hitting you hard and sometimes it's even humiliating, but in the end you turn it all into strong learning and you are better off for it.

Again, just a personal view. I wish I had started at 35! See you at a dojo.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for sharing your experience!!

Dec 23, 2010
I would like to start practicing kendō but I am 35.
by: Joe-san

You are young, my friend.

I am 52 now. I started Kendo when I was 47, plus I work in rotation shift, therefore, I am not able to attend all practices resulting a longer route to attain what I want to.

My skill is far from good, I still love Kendo. My advice: If you want something to happen you have to make it happen.

Don't wait for it to fall in.

Go find and join a dojo.


Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom!!

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