Afraid of starting kendo

I really want to start something like kendo. It's been a dream of mine for a while now. I have tried other things (not related to kendo at all) in the past but found out they are not for me, what if kendo isn't what I thought it would be?

I am sort of a shy person so I am worried about being in a room filled with people who are not the same age as me (I am a teen and from what I know I feel like it will be all younger kids and adults there which will make me very uncomfortable) is there a way to forget my fears? Also out of curiosity does kendo really help people mentally?

Also the last thing I'm worried about is failure. I feel like I am going to fail very badly and do terrible... please help


Answer: Thank you for your message. I am really glad to hear a teenager like you want to start kendo. So I would like to help you by answering your questions.

First of all, go and take a look at the dojo you are referring to. You are very lucky to have a dojo to learn kendo at. Many people cannot learn because they don't have anywhere to learn.

If you want to forget your fears, focus on learning kendo. If you've really wanted to learn kendo, you should start it and concentrate on learning.

Kendo teachings can help people mentally. It has helped me and still does.


“Focus on learning” is one of the teachings I learned from kendo. Dedicate yourself to learn kendo. Don't think about anything else.

How kendo helps you is all up to practitioners. And of course, it is up to your teacher too. But if you do not have an attitude of learning and studying kendo, even when you have a good teacher, you won't learn much.


Think Kendo as a miniature of life. Only those who experience failures can succeed at the very end. Failure is a part of your success. Learning kendo is learning the process of success in your life.

Be sincere and humble when learning. That will always lead you to the correct path.

Don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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