Adjusting Shinai´s Length

by Min Chih Wang
(Costa Rica)

I have a question about adjusting on purpose the length of the shinai, specifically cutting short the tsuka part of the shinai. Some people claims that it will make it easier its manipulation.

Is this permitted on regulations of AJKF? As far as I know, there's a standard length for the shinai for competition (except for nitto players).


Answer: Thank you for your question, Min. Not sure if it is easier to manipulate the shiai with the shorter tsuka but it is very important for us to try anything so we can improve our kendo.

Now your question: Is this permitted on regulations of AJKF?

We do have regulations on shinai for official shiai so in you do need to follow that. But as long as your shinai doesn't violate the regulations of the shiai you are participated in, it is OK. Here is a chart of the "standard" length of shinai.

Hope this helps!

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