Addressing the Master

by Jimmy Broyles
(Ottawa Illinois)

I do have a question.

When addressing the instructor of your dojo or another, as I should address you, Sensei, Masahiro Sensei, Sensei Masahiro, Sensei Imafuji or Imafuji Sensei?

Answer: Thank you for the question! Very good one!

I am sure this varies from dojo to dojo but in Japan we usually address teachers, sensei. And when going with a name, sensei comes after the name such as Imafuji sensei.

Now the example of my name, Masahiro is my first name. In Japan, it is very rare to call a person with their first name.

So I never call sensei with their first name unless it caucuses confusion. For example, if we have two senseis with the same last name, we have to come up with something.

So with permission, we can call sensei with their first name or nick name followed by sensei.

Hope this helps.

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