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Oct 19, 2017
In reply to Felipe
by: Kendo-Guide.Com

Hi Felipe,
Thank you for your comment. I personally don't like changing rules because then kendo will be centered by shiai regulations.

I personally consider whatever they do to me is a lesson to me. So when someone gets me on mune-zuki, then that teaches me an opening. When people miss my kote, for example, I consider it as a lesson. Maybe not a valid cut but if I couldn't do anything about my opponent's actions, then I need to review and adjust my kendo.

We need to separate kendo in shiai and keiko nowadays; otherwise we only have kendo defined by the shiai regulations.

Oct 08, 2017
About Munezuki
by: Felipe

Thank you for your kind reply, sensei.

You have mentioned about munezuki and I've read about this change of rules before.

What do you think about munezuki being/not being a valid point?

Do you think it should be considered valid nowadays? Because in a real fighting situation, the chest is an easy target... So it would make more sense to maintain the munezuki as a yuko-datotsu, right?
With the threat of the munezuki, the jodan players would have to deal with it making more and new efforts and strategies, enhancing kendo, don’t you think?

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