A weird question^^

by waterlotus12

Dear Masahiro (Hiro) Imafuji,

I have been receiving your emails. Therefore, thanking for that. I want to ask you a question which I have still wondered.

We studied Kendo for taking up strength or happiness for each person? And if we didn't choose for strength, would we not have more motivations for development in Kendo?

I want to ask you because you experienced many examinations in Kendo. Thanking for reading my question. I hope that I could receive your replies in the future.

Thanks a lot!!!

Have good every day.^^

Answer: Thank you for your question and reading my emails :) I am not sure if I understand your question right but I will give you what I think.

We train kendo to improve our personality and our lives. We, people, basically are selfish. Not everyone and it is normal. We let our emotions control us if we don’t keep an eye on ourselves.

In kendo, many think “hitting” is good. So people just try to strike whenever they FEEL like it. Whenever they want to hit, they attack. But without understanding your opponent, such attacks don’t work. So they get frustrated. And they get angry at their opponent.

This is SO not the way of the sword.

We train so we can see ourselves right so we can behave right. Period

We should motivate to train harder so you can increase your physical strength (fitness and health) and also mental strength (better control on yourself).

People get motivated because they want to win, that is fine. But it is not a goal, only motivation. Losing shinai and failing exams give us opportunities to think our kendo and to study kendo even more. By doing so, we are training physical and mental sides of kendo. Hope I am explaining myself…. Am I?

Please let me know if I confuse more or give me more questions so I can probably give you an explanation you would like!

Hope this helps.

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