A student of Kendo

by Tim Lalonde
(Ontario, Canada)

I have read and downloaded your eBook with great interest.

I am currently 45 years old and have been interested in Kendo since my teens.  Life and geography prevented me from being a student of Kendo till last year.

I have no formal instructor and I have constructed my own striking dummy for my learning.  I am fascinated in the real traditions and elements of Kendo, not just the striking.  There are other outlets for striking besides Kendo.  I more interested in the art and self-development.

The pace of your book is excellent and I found many fine points that I was unaware of and I thank you for that.

There are several grammar and spelling errors in your English translation, that I would be honoured to assist you with if you like.  A small token of my gratitude.

I am frequent reader of ebooks and I would like to politely suggest to you that you publish your book on a site like www.smashwords.com. 

It supports all the major readers and has an excellent following.  I found the constant de-activate and re-activate frustrating for I work from many computers.  I have an eBook reader that allows me to maintain mobility while learning.  Again, just a friendly comment.

This book along with my outings with a colleague is going a long way with my training.  It has also helped me understand some of the etiquette of the Dojo so as to not offend them when I visit. 

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to learn.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your review and advice. I am glad that you found the ebook helpful.

I would like you to tell me grammar and spelling mistakes. I will contact you! Thank you again for your review!

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Nov 02, 2009
Kendo in Canada
by: Matt

There is a ton of kendo in Canada, no reason you shouldn't be able to get to a dojo. Even if the drive is long a visit once a month would be infinity more useful than just reading a book.

Kendo-Guide.Com: If he can go and visit a dojo once a month, it will be great. And I agree just reading a book is not sufficient. But let's not assume there is a dojo where he lives or within a driving distance. There may be or may not be. I used the dojo search and got the result. Hope he can find a place to go.

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