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Jan 25, 2010
One more related question
by: Olga

Your answer led me to one more question.

When grading exam takes place and kendo-ka are about to perform kendo kata should it be pronounced who is uchitachi and who is shitachi before opponents start doing sonkyo? Or it can be pronounced after sonkyo and opponents do sonkyo without knowing who should initiate movement for sonkyo - after that roles are given (I saw that once)?

Answer:  Wow! You are really watching! 

Personally and also theoretically, I think, we should know which person should be uchitachi before even we start bowing to shomen.

However, this is a very special occasion, exam.  Also it may be different from federation to federation.

If you don?t know which one you will be in the exam, make sure that you and your partner harmonize your movements.  Look into eyes and watch your opponent?s movements carefully.

Hope this helps.

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