Support kendo mates in Christchurch in New Zealand

Thank you for visiting this page. This page is dedicated to support our kendo mates who struck by the massive earthquake on Feb. 22, 2011.

Your donation will be going Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai in Christchurch.

100% of donations you make will directly go to the club. (Paypal charges us some transaction fees. So all the money we collect - paypal fees will be our donation to the club)

Donate to Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai
(This is finished. Thank you for your support!)

Many people are suffering without the power, water and decent shelters. As a kendoist and also as an ex-member of Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai, I would like to help them and support them so they can help others in need.

I still remember when The Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake hit where I came from in 1995. Luckily my family was all OK but many people lost their houses. They had to live simply built houses in an open space for a long time.

For them, this is a long term suffering and fighting. They must know that people do care and support them.

Please show our support to them. By donating we can show them how much we care. That gives them energy to move forwards.

We help them. They help their loved ones. And they can help others. We will keep helping them until they can truly smile again!

Thank you again for your support.

Donate to Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai

(This is finished. Thank you for all the support!)

If you want to donate Red Cross New Zealand or Salvation Army, here are the links.

It does not matter how much. Our action helps them keep fighting. Many people need our support.