Kendo Guide for The Intermediate
Videos and written instuctions

Do you know the requirements to pass 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan? 

And more importantly, have you been practicing to satisfy the requirements?

Kendo Guide for the Intermediate: Videos and Written InstructionsKendo Guide for the Intermediate: Videos and Written Instructions (Videos and Written instructions must be downloaded)

3 dan is one big hurdle in kendo. Probably your first tough hurdle in your kendo life. I've seen many people struggling to pass 3 dan, especially kendo late starters. So why is it so hard to pass exams in kendo? Are you not training hard? Of course, you do! So what is it then?


Do you know what 1-dan kendo, 2-dan kendo or 3-dan kendo? I am asking you because if you know them, you can pass your exam. I will tell you more specifically the reasons why you might fail.

"You simply don't know what you should do at your exam."

  • Do you know what you should be doing for your 3-dan exam? Or for whatever the exam you are taking?
  • You've failed your exam in the past? Do you know why you failed?
  • Do you want to know what the examiners are looking at?

Simple, right? Once you know what you should do for each exam, you can plan your training and you can do so with goals.

"There is no way that you will fail if you satisfy the requirements at your exam."

Satisfying the requirements = improving your kendo

Kendo grade shows your achievement. Isn't it right? When you pass 1-dan, this means your skills are 1-dan level. When you pass 3-dan, your skills are 3-dan level, and your new journey will start to get your 4-dan.

As you move up in grade, your kendo levels up. 

Knowing the requirements gives you specific goals in your training. So your training will be goal-oriented rather than mere  hard training. Which one is better, training hard without knowing what you should be working on to improve OR 

Training Hard with Specific Goals

No need for me to write the answer here. 

What do you get?

You get video instructions and written instructions (PDF files). You will download them after your purchase. The contents consists of logics (theories) and how to practice them.

  1. The Intermediate Introduction
  2. Starting Point: Big Map for Your Kendo Improvement
  3. Checklist (PDF file)
  4. Destinations and How to Get There
  5. Understanding of Seme
  6. Seme with Tsuki
  7. Fight Starts Before Fight
  8. Understanding Shikake Waza
  9. Kote Strike
  10. Dō Strike
  11. Small Men Strike with Ki Ken Tai Icchi
  12.  A Practical Way to Receive KiriKaeshi
  13. Kirikaeshi for Your Level
  14. Ideal Men Strike
  15. Learn About the Distance
  16. Ki Ken Tai Icchi
  17. Small Men Mechanism
  18. Learn Ki Ken Tai Icchi with A Tool

And all the videos and instructions can be downloaded to your favourite device. The videos are hosted by Vimeo. And the videos can also be streamed on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. Check supported devices

Ask questions and get updated

You can leave a comment under each video so you can ask me a question right under the video. I will get back to you ASAP. And only those who purchased can leave comments so they have the same goals as you; passing the exams and improving their kendo.

And the best thing about the digital products is that when updated, I can keep adding new stuff. So, the more you ask me questions, the more additional videos I will quite likely make. You don't need to keep paying for additional videos.

review on your kendo

How do you know you are on the right track? Of course, you can ask your teacher to check you. Your teacher is the first one you should ask for advice. And I do not want you to replace my teachings with your teacher's. But I also know that

  • sometimes you cannot ask your teacher because he/she is busy to deal with other students or
  • sometimes you need to hear the same things that your teacher tells you from other person. 

I have done many video reviews for many members at my member site and they loved it! But this service is available only for the platinum members who constantly support me with $20 per month.

I also feel responsible because you purchase my product and I want to make sure that it is helping you. So I can give you my perspectives for you to improve your kendo!

After you purchase this product, you send me a video (you will be instructed how to send me a video) anytime you are ready. And I watch it and make a review video. So you know exactly what I mean and what you need to pass your next exam.

Start Right Away

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As soon as you purchase, you can start right away. That is, again, a great thing about the digital products. 

To improve kendo, you don't want to repeat bad habits over and over. You should perform the correct kendo in your daily training so you are ready for your next exam.

Again. Know the requirements and practice them in your daily training. With goals in your mind, your training will become more effective and efficient. Looking forward to working with you.

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