The 56th All Japan Kendo Championship Videos

November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan and the day of All Japan Kendo Championship. The Champion of this year is Mr. Shodai. You can read a full report at

And also you want to watch the videos, right? Thanks to youtube, I could find some videos. I am sure you can find videos in English. Just type “56th all Japan Kendo Championship”.

Mr. Shodai moves very energetically. His footwork does not stop. This was the first time for me to see his kendo but very impressive. Watching these people always makes me think to train more and harder :) .

If you are in your 20s, watch Mr. Shodai (jodan) carefully. How he moves and how he always put pressure on his opponents. The one thing I thought it was very unique was how he moves forwards. It looks like he is hopping forwards.

Here is a video of the final. And you can go and watch some more videos at rion5230 Channel. If you don’t read Japanese, don’t worry. Look for the number “56”. The video is pretty still so it does not give you motion sickness.

I am sure there will be more videos in Youtube but these are something you can watch right now. And I am sure Kendo-World will be posting the videos on their website.