Shinai with lengthened tsuka

by Olga

Are there any special shinais with intentionally lengthened tsuka so that the distance between left and right hand are about 3 or 4 fists?

What is its name and what is it used for?

(I met one person who told that he had a special shinai with lengthened tsuka for kaeshi techniques. But I've never heard about special shinais for kaeshi before.)

Answer: Thank you for your post. I do not think there are names for any specially made shinais.

But people tend to ask their kendo equipment supplier to make a special shinai for them (custom made) or they add their touch to their shinai by themselves.

For example, I prefer a shoter tsuka to a long tsuka. But some people prefer a longer tsuka because, as you mentioned, it is easier to implement kaeshi waza or hiki waza.

People who take jōdan tend to have a longer tsuka. I am not too sure why but I guess it gives more mobility to their shinai control when they have their shinai above their head.

For your reference, it is said that

  1. Dōbari shinai is good for ōji waza such as suriage,

  2. Chokutō (super straight) shinai is good for attacking,

  3. the long tsuka is good for hiki waza,

  4. if the weight is on the kensaki side, it is for attacking, and so on.

I’m sure there are more variations of shinai.

Hope this helps.

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